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are eliminated among tpp member nations, the japanese economy would benefit. an the prime minister said now is the last chance to join the talks. he pointed out that the negotiations started two years ago. and he said it's clear any rules participants have already agreed upon would be difficult to reverse. abe stressed japan is for now just joining the talks. he promised to work out an agreement that suits the nation's interests and use japan's negotiating power to secure for certain sectors such as agriculture. abe said many countries are opening up their markets including the u.s., nations in europe and emerging economies in asia. he said if japan misses the opportunity to join the tpp, it will inevitably be left behind. the man who has previously served as general counsel of the office for the united states trade representative made a positive comment on japan's decision to join the tpp talks. >> i think the united states has long wanted japan to join tpp. there are benefits for us from a strategic point of view from the standpoint of u.s./japan alliance. there are strategic benefits. an
setback for chancellor angela merkel, just when she needed a victory with hard-hit eurozone economies contracting and german taxpayers nervous of the cost of bailouts. opposition parties are demanding the chancellor improve her track record. >> the fiscal cliffhanger in cyprus has turned into a major headache for angela merkel in her role as crisis manager. for many on the island, germany as part of the problem, but she points out that the troika is the negotiating partner for any bailout, not germany. >> politically, it is important that cyprus create a sustainable banking sector for the future. their current model is not sustainable. >> merkel also stressed that the eu had requested a levy on private accounts above 100,000 euros and not the 20,000 suggested by cyprus' government, but the german government says the cyprus debacle is covered in angela merkel's fingerprints and she must find a solution. >> the chancellor must make sure that the deal is struck which represents the interests of cyprus and stabilizes the european economic zone. >> but according to mrs. merkel, the ball is
.2948. >> some positive news for the european economy today. airbus has just signed the biggest civil aviation deal in history. it is with ryanair. >> it will provide a much-needed boost to the economy promising to secure 5000 jobs in france alone over the coming decade. >> the signatures are worth a lot of money. airbus will likely discount package of 234 plans, they have a list price of 18 billion euro. assembly will take part in france with parts from several european locations. it will be at capacity for four years. >> of bills meanwhile pride that we epitomize european success. we are working together to create jobs. >> the deal means more than money and well paying jobs. ryanair is a new customer for airbus. they have previously purchased all their planes from their arrival, boeing. >> the western-backed opposition is meeting in istanbul to p ick the new prime minister. the first tasks is creating a cabinet. >> the conflict is expected to escalate further with britain and france say they plan on our main local groups. especially when it comes to political and military priorities, they do
the japanese economy for years. he's urging businesses to pay their employees more. some managers agreed to do that but only temporarily. nhk world explains. >> reporter: more company managers and labor unions are wrapping up their month-long wage negotiations today. many firms cut bonuses last year. but this year, workers are receiving better deals. union members in japan are tallying up the pay increases for the next fiscal year, which starts april 1st. so far, all of the country's major companies have promised to keep raising wages based on age and seniority. many firms are offering more because business is better. managers at toyota motor agreed to pay an annual bonus worth five-month wages plus an extra $3,000. that's the highest payout since 2008. executives at nissan, honda, and mitsubishi also decided to accept demands for bigger bonuses. >> translator: it's good to see bonuses are increasing even if it's a temporary measure. >> reporter: prime minister abe has repeatedly asked business leaders to raise their worker's pay. he says wages must go up to boost consumption and pull japan ou
. manufacturer are expected to relocate sites to newly emerging economies. they want to take advantage of lower costs. analysts say if the figure continues to drop, it will affect regional economies in japan as well as employment. >>> elderly japanese suffering from dementia could soon be using the latest technology to help them lead more fulfilling lives. the research institute of the national rehabilitation center for persons with disabilities organized an event to display their newest equipment. about 100 people attended, including family members and helpers who look after people with dementia. a pill case reminds users to take their medicine and even prevents accidental overdoses. the case is fitted with an alarm and dispenses the correct amount of medicine. researchers said 19 elderly people who forgot to take pills more than once a week tried using the case. after three months, 14 of them found it helpful. other equipment included a transmitter attached to purses or keys. when a remote control button is pushed the equipment emits a sound to help the user locate the eye tim. an electronic
have more friction with its neighbors as it expands its military along with its economy. foreign government officials are waiting to see what kind of diplomatic steps will be taken by chinese leaders. >> i think the new chinese government wants to stabilize its external affairs and focus on internal affairs. so it may be willing to stabilize its relationship with japan and the united states and china and stable economic growth are indispensable for achieving the recovery of china's economy. >> he says he is mainly watching two points. one is the possibility of a power struggle in the three-tiered power structure. and the other is china's one-party system. he doubts that the communist party will get enough support from the people in the future. it appears party officials do not intend to democratize the country. >> how long would they be able to avert change? i believe china will face critical moment in five to ten years from now. >> china's president and premier serve five-year terms. they are often re-elected, though, which means xi and li will probably be in charge for the next
as soon as possible and to stir growth. they bumped liquidity into the economy, but he said he took extreme care to make sure the country did not shoulder the countries debt. he also said they could not change fast enough to keep pace with the ageing population and the progress has caused the economy to stall. the consulting chief researcher spoke about his five years in office. he criticized the governor for not working hard enough to pull the country out of deflation. he said he worried too much about the risks of inflation that could set in if he took bold, monetary measures. >> he was able to end deflation. he failed to clearly outlike the boj's responsibilities and to appeal to the public that they would take aggressive steps. >> but he gave him credit for helping to stabilize the financial system. japan did not experience a financial crisis despite the collapse of lehman brothers and the earthquake two years ago. here are the latest market figures. >>> people across iraq are looking back on a war that took away one problem and replaced it with many others ten years ago on marc
in 2011. >>> the economy's recovering. iraq overtook iran last year to become the second largest oil produce iramong the members of petroleum exporting countries. only saudi arabia produces more. the volume of foreign investment is 20 times grater than it was four years ago. residents of baghdad can now spend their money at a shopping mall in the capitol. still shias show little sign of letting up in their fighting. >>> north korea's leader has called for rebuilding the country's light industrial sector. he said the aim is to become an economic power and improve the standard of living. state run tv reported that kim jong un made the speech at a meeting of industrial workers in pyongyang. he id denounced the joint exercises. pyongyang watchers say kim jong's announcement is over severe economic conditions. he is now reportedly the father of a baby girl. a source familiar with north korea/china relationsing told nhk that kim's wife gave birth in late january. the source learned about the birth from an official of the ruling korean worker's party. former player dennis rodman visited the
on numerous issues facing the country. china's economy is now the world's second largest, after decades of high-speed expansion. but growth has cooled. incoming companies are growing. and must now compete with lower-paid rivals in other countries. people around china have been protesting to show their discontent. they want leaders to do something about the income gap, and they are calling for an end to rampant corruption. one of xi's biggest tasks would be to keep a lid on arrests and promote stability. this man is an expert on chinese politics. he says a speech he made upon his leadership included challenges he will face in fighting corruption. >> what impressed us the most is the emphasis he put on the importance of fighting corruption. but i was also struck how little xi said about the institutional mechanism to cope with the corruption. so far, it's not clear how xi is going to deal with the corruption. it is very clear that he is quite aware of the seriousness of the issue. >> reporter: as president, xi must provide leadership for his people. he must also guard his country's relati
economy, but what happens in cypress will have repercussions far beyond its shores, affecting overall confidence in the euro. that is why european leaders are feeling the heat. >> let's go back to eu headquarters in brussels, back to our correspondent. we heard in that report, time is money. nevertheless, eu leaders are passing the issue in this case to their finance ministers. >> grazing when you see how it works, but that is just the way it has been done. there are a lot of technical details that need to be discussed, and a meeting of eu leaders is simply not the right platform. that is why finance ministers are arriving this afternoon to discuss how exactly this bailout package can be put together. also it means possibly involving russia, the russian state. possibly also involving private creditors from russia, from other countries, from the very beginning, that they would have to accept that they would lose money, but all of this needs to be discussed in detail, and we are expecting a very long discussion, but hopefully, we will have a package and finance ministers can come togeth
into the local economy. card testing has proven lucrative. a beauty salon called harmony provides beauty consulting, massage, and manicures. there's even a local car rental office. once she has done your nails, the manicurist can become your real estate agent. >> our clients come from all over -- correa, france. many come from germany. the work for porsche, bmw, or bosch, but they are unique. for example, they've cooked fish right on the stove without using a pen. the house almost burned down, and of course, the stove was ruined. >> one can always expect some friction when two cultures meet. mostly, though, local residents are glad to vent their houses to the visitors from abroad. -- to rent their houses to the visitors from abroad. the addisons, for instance, vented their single-family home to four korean engineers to the end of march for 10,000 euros a month. in the meantime, the adamsons make do in a camper. >> when we move back into our house, it smells funny for a while, like korean food. the renters always leave a lot of the provisions behind. we tried to cookery and dishes once --
and business leaders. he is looking for support and investment from japan to build his it country's economy. he says more jobs must be created for people settling in former strongholds in the north and east. he deny the allegations that government forces committed serious abuses at the end of the war. >> they have just issued a report, a one-sided biased report. >> he says his government the is investigating the allegations. the >>> here's a three day forecast. >>> the that concludes this edition of "newsline." thank you for joining us.
's economy. >>> officials in venezuela decided not to embalm the body of the late president. hugo chavez died earlier this month after a long battle with cancer. the venezuelan government initially planned to have chavez's body embalmed for permanent display, but information minister ernesto villegas says the government has dropped the plan. he quoted russian experts as saying that a body would have to be transported to russia and remain there for up to eight months for embalming. acting president nicolas maduro says the embalming process would have been more difficult than the government imagined because it should have started much earlier. the body will remain lying in state at the military museum in the capital caracas until officials decide on the burial site. >>> a 90-year-old indonesian man has been awarded an honorary doctorate by hiroshima university nearly 68 years after studying at the university's former school. hasan rahaya began studying in april 1945. however, he was unable to graduate because of the u.s. atomic bombing of the city four months later. even though he had been expo
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)

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